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You like us, you really like us!

Bit by bit, we're getting closer to completing the mural -- and we want to recognize the unsung heroes who are helping us get it done! It would be impossible to list every single person who has provided us with support (whether financial, emotional, or otherwise!), but there are a handful of local businesses who deserve special recognition for giving us the help we need to complete this project.

One of the key ingredients to our mural-making progress has been having the expertise, advice, and quick paint mixing magic from Muncie's PPG Paint store on Wheeling Avenue. They've helped us select the highest-grade primer and exterior paints available to ensure that the mural can outlast whatever the crazy Indiana climate throws its way.

Our local Lowes store worked with us early in the process to provide supplies for our Community Paint Day at the beginning of the month. They provided us with plenty of roller frames and covers, extension poles, paint trays and liners to get our project started.

Besides handcrafting gorgeous custom jewelry, Heidi is also a not-so-secret supporter of community initiatives. On our first week of painting, she gave our team a gift card to The Caffeinery so we could quench our thirst without emptying our wallets.

The owners, Frank and Lauren, and their entire team have been our cheerleaders from day one. They hosted a fundraiser for us way back in October, and they've kept us properly hydrated and caffeinated every day when we've been outside working.

From lending us their extension ladder to letting us use their bathroom and refilling our water bottles, the crew at The Fickle Peach have bent over backwards to help us out. Before we even started thinking about priming and painting, they served as our unofficial headquarters where nearly all of our important planning meetings have taken place. Their patio is our favorite place to go when we finish a long day of painting in the sun and need a beer (or two) to cool off.

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