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 Process + Progress

We're Trying Collective collaborated with the staff of the Mark III Taproom to create the mural's design. We asked them for feedback on the type of symbols and colors they'd like to see, and they requested something bright and colorful with an interactive element. They also suggested including the pink and blue colors from the transgender pride flag. 


In addition to their requests, we also wanted to create a design that included elements of downtown Muncie and the area around the mural. Our color palette will include teal (pulled from the downtown development campaign) and orange, inspired by the Caffeinery. 

Right now we're painting the background colors, and the top of the mural will include a pattern of line work (a signature element of Jannell Summers' artwork), a "confetti"-looking pattern made of small equal signs (to symbolize equal rights) and a stylized hand pattern, which will encourage people to touch the hands and interact with the design. 

If you're looking for symbolism it's there-- but if you're not, it's a bright, colorful, playful design that we hope people will enjoy looking at from the patio of the Peach or from the Caffeinery! 

Faith_ JoAnna_1
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