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On the Mark, For the City

Following the tragic events at the Orlando Pulse Nightclub, we were inspired to work hand-in-hand with the community of Muncie to create a piece of public art that would illustrate our city’s acceptance of and support for people of all backgrounds. Since that spark of inspiration, our project’s process can be described in 4 steps: looking, listening, collaborating, and celebrating. 


We started by looking around our neighborhood to find a place for this public art. The south wall of 306 S. Walnut Street was immediately recognized as a big, blank canvas ripe for transformation. In addition to being a perfect spot for a mural, this location is also currently home to the Mark III Taproom, Indiana’s oldest LGBTQ nightclub. Kimset? Maybe.


We couldn’t design a community art project without listening to the community members who will see it every day, so we started by sitting down with the staff at the Mark to pick their brains. They shared their values, ideas, likes, and dislikes with us, which helped to inform our design process. We will hold a follow-up design session this summer to get feedback from other businesses and individuals who interact with the space. 


Many hands make light work, and we want to get as many Muncie residents as possible in on the action when it comes to this project. With our Community Paint Day behind us, the best way you can help out is to Spread the Word and tag @weretryingcollective in all your colorful photos of the wall!


Hard work deserves a party. When the mural is painted, sealed, and ready to share with the world, we intend to hold a celebration for all community members to join, in conjunction with a First Thursday art walk event. 

“Blank walls are killers of livability.” 

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