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Muncie... We're Trying

A decade ago, two young musicians created bumper stickers to represent their hometown: “Muncie… We’re trying.“ If you’ve lived in Muncie very long, you’ve likely been stuck behind one waiting to turn right at a red light. Adam Weber and Kyle Addison invented the slogan to show both their ironic and genuine affection for Muncie.

"I love Muncie so much. It’s quirky and funny, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world,” remarked Weber, a 2004 Ball State University graduate.

Addison said the bumper stickers reflect Muncie’s persistent struggle with wanting to be and do more than is often possible.

“We’re trying to be everything you need, trying to be a big city in a small place,” he said.

The sentiment received praise from Cheryl Crowder, Event Director for Downtown Development, who said she preferred the straightforward, genuine interpretation of the bumper sticker.

“I love it because we ARE trying,” she said. “Muncie has lacked self-esteem, maybe. Muncie is in the process and always has been in the process of reinventing itself.”

Jennifer Sims, a Ball State student from Chino, California and friend of Weber, was among the early supporters of the slogan, saying “There is an overtone of this idea that Muncie may or may not be the best town in the world, but really, I love it.”

Today, Adam Weber is the Vice President of Sales at Bluebridge Digital in Indianapolis, Indiana. Kyle Addison is the lead guitarist for MODOC, yes, the same college band, and lives in Nashville, Tennessee.

And Muncie is still trying.

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